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About Bodles SuperSlow®

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SuperSlow® Protocol is a method of strength training that utilizes a ten second positive movement and a tend second negative movement. The slowness of this movement limits momentum and acceleration as factors in the exercise. This is why SuperSlow® is so effective and safe. Each workout is an intense experience that keeps your muscles “loaded” during each entire exercise. As a result, your muscles actually work harder in less time than the traditional rep and set exercises you may be familiar with. With SuperSlow®, you are on each machine for approximately two minutes and your entire workout is completed after just 20 minutes…and you only need to do this twice per week. The workout will increase your strength, endurance, cardio efficiency, bone density, and flexibility. Warm-ups and stretching? Not needed as they are accomplished during the exercise.

You can become Healthier, Leaner and more Physically Fit in less than one hour per week. 



We believe proper form in progressive resistance exercise means a slow speed of movement. We desire slow speed from three perspectives.

  • First and foremost, a slow speed minimized acceleration — abrupt starting and stopping is the source of excessive force and injury.
  • Second, slow speed minimizes momentum which undesirably unloads the muscles. Efficient muscular loading is what high-intensity exercise is all about.
  • Third, slow speed permits concentration and study during movement. When you move quickly, there is no time to actually think through the movement.



Your trainer will design, teach and administrate your exercise program according to your individual needs and goals. Of primary consideration is learning to safely and properly enter and exit the equipment and to execute the exercises correctly. Also emphasized is the technique of moving slowly and smoothly.  

In subsequent sessions your trainer will closely monitor your progress, timing each exercise, and giving verbal guidance as needed.

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