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Our Exercise Philosophy

You don't have to fight the battle for physical fitness alone. Bodle's Personal Training can teach you the proper way to perform each exercise for a more-effective workout. We provide reliable service to our clients in Highland Park, Illinois, and the surrounding area.

At Bodle’s Personal Training our goal is to provide quality one-on-one exercise training at a reasonable cost. We teach and administrate exclusively the SuperSlow® exercise protocol as designed by Ken Hutchins. We believe it is the safest, most effective & the most time efficient method of attaining maximum fitness.


We’re a personal training business (strength training). We have been in business for over 20 years. We offer high-intensity one-on-one strength training instruction using exclusively the SuperSlow® protocol in a distraction free environment. We have 25 specialized strength training machines. We work strictly one-on-one by appointment. During our high intensity strength training session clients exercise on a machine to the point of muscular failure then immediately move on to the next exercise. Each exercise is done in a slow controlled manner (10 seconds in the positive phase and 10 seconds in the negative phase) where muscular control is used not momentum, resulting in a safer, more effective, more efficient workout than conventional strength training methods. The client is under the direct supervision of a certified personal trainer who is with the client during all phases of the workout. Your trainer will design, teach and administrate your workout according to your individual needs and goals. Your trainer will closely monitor your progress, timing each exercise and giving verbal guidance as needed.

Due to intensity of the training, workouts are between 20-30 minutes. Clients are advised to train no more than twice a week to allow for complete musculature recovery. 


When you work out at home, you are faced with the challenge of distractions, like your computer, TV, and junk food. Exercising at our top-of-the-line facility removes these bothersome temptations that are holding you back. Bodle’s Personal Training is the North Shore’s only certified SuperSlow® facility. We offer:

  • A climate controlled, distraction and noise free space.
  • Safest, most effective, and most efficient exercise.
  • One-on-one tailored and result-oriented individual workout plans.
  • Training for men and women of all ages from 14 to 90!



Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machines, like SuperSlow® Systems, Medx®, Nautilus®, and Hammer Strength®

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