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Meet Our Trainers

You don't have to fight the battle for physical fitness alone. Our trainers are ready to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Bodle’s Personal Training is a great exercise facility that offers one-on-one training that will keep you motivated. We provide the most effective, efficient, and safe approach to strength training at a reasonable price. At Bodle’s Personal Training, we believe that anybody and everybody should be able to enjoy access to good health. This means affordable rates and no contracts.

Bill Bodle began with weight training and evolved with the help of two important people—Arthur Jones, who is the developer of the Nautilus® machine, and Ken Hutchins, who developed SuperSlow® training. Our amazing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art resistance machines, dedicated one-on-one trainers, and a safe, distraction-free environment. Now is the time to get serious about your fitness. Call Bodle’s Personal Training today for more information. 847.266.7150

Bill Bodle

Bill Bodle

Facility Director

Bill Bodle, Facility Director, is a graduate of Highland Park High School, where he played football, basketball and baseball. He attended the University of Pittsburgh on a football scholarship and received his B.S. in Physical Education and Mathematics while lettering in three sports. He received his M.Ed. from Northern Illinois University. After teaching and coaching at Carmel and Gordon Tech High School, Bill taught Mathematics and coached football at Highland Park High School for 26 years. He retired from Highland Park High School in 2005.

At Carmel, Gordon Tech and Highland Park High Schools, Bill developed and administered the athletic strenth programs.

A certified SuperSlow® instructor since 1993, Bill opened his personal studio in 1999, where he has taught SuperSlow training exclusively.

Deborah Broder

Deborah Broder


Deborah Broder is the co-owner of Bodle’s Personal Training Center along with her father, Bill Bodle. She had an early exposure to strength training through her father, who was and continues to be her mentor. She has been studying the SuperSlow protocol for over twenty years and training clients for the last fifteen. She was certified in 2003 in Florida by the founder of the SuperSlow® protocol, Ken Hutchins..  

Deborah’s training style is demanding but nurturing with an emphasis on helping clients develop inner and outer strength in the safest and cleanest of environments. Working with clients ranging in age from fifteen to eighty-nine, Deborah has seen first hand the potential strength training has to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages. Deborah firmly believes in the importance of helping her clients reach their fitness goals by customizing their workouts using the SuperSlow method.

Katie Cox

Katie Cox


Katie is a Bodle’s SuperSlow® Trainer and Health & Wellness Consultant who is living “The 4F Life: Fervent, Fit, Focused & Free”. Katie has found a winning combination to look & feel her best! She is passionate about sharing her experience and solutions with others.

Katie went through the SuperSlow® trainer certification process with SuperSlow® Master, Tim Ryan. She works with her clients to get a clear vision of their health and wellness goals, and designs a customized high-intensity strength-training workout that is safe, effective, and efficient. She provides instruction, motivation, guidance, and positive reinforcement with an encouraging approach.

Katie also partners with a health and wellness company whose products and systems support successful fat loss, muscle building, long-term weight maintenance, and overall optimal health. These unique and flexible nutritional solutions are backed by science and set the foundation for healthy living. When you are ready to start the journey of living your very best life, call Katie.